With May & Co., you know exactly what you’re getting- authentic cocktail syrups & shrubs that are never over processed or artificially flavoured. Handcrafted only from real ingredients.

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Cocktails today are no longer Plain Janes. Right from Generation Y to the millennials, theres a growing need & appreciation for high quality, fuss free, experimental cocktails.

So we went about on a journey - that of concocting a product that is perfectly balanced, honest, no nonsense & straight forward. After extensive research, recipe creations, taste tests, endless discussions, we finally arrived at a concoction that is a perfect balance. A concoction that gives you a high quality cocktail. Every. Single. Time.


Everyday elegance \ Long days and cozy nights \ A comforting nightcap \ Endless curiosity \ Beauty & realness \ Minimalism \ Little moments \ Handcrafted goodness \ Happy vibrancy \ Deep belief \ Unending quest \ Warm summer days \ Local produce \ Honesty \ Small batches \ A good book \ Experiments \ Creative boldness


All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from local farms and then handcrafted into custom-blended syrups & shrubs. All in small batches. Our ingredients come from farms that have been passed down for generations & are masterfully grown & harvested with labour of love. Each of these ingredients are carefully chosen & procured after endless tastings of the abundant species available across the country, giving you a product that is honest, real and as close as it can get to tasting a real fruit.

MAY we begin?

While taste & quality are one of the most important aspects, we have also been extra thoughtful and made access of the recipes super simple for you. All of our bottles come with a QR code that can be scanned to access our personally curated recipes. Enjoy a world of better drinks with your loved ones. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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I have always had a natural affinity and a “true love” of sorts for food, drinks and new experiences. Having had the opportunity to travel extensively, I had the pleasure of experiencing some of the best cocktails and all that goes behind creating one. I also came to realise the need for high quality syrups in our country. Something made entirely from fresh produce. Nothing else. So I decided to try my hand at creating one.

And while it started off as a few syrups that I tested in the kitchen, my bartending training at the European Bartender School came in pretty handy.

May & Co. was incepted out of a desire for better, more honest product, a deep belief & love for local produce. It’s my wish that our products help you craft some amazing cocktails and is a part of many happy brunches, lunches, dinners & celebrations to
come :)


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4 x 120 ml bottles of flavours you’d like to try
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each bottle makes 4 drinks

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